1. President’s Welcome Address at 2013 Convention

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    WELCOME ADDRESS Odinma Issele-Uku! Odinma Issele-Uku!  Odinma Issele-Uku!  You would have noticed that I greeted you all three times. This is to tell you how much we appreciate your attendance of this August gathering. You are the reason why this convention will be like no other in the annals of...
  2. R.I.P. Austin Okeleke 1960-2015

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      With gratitude to God, THE FAMILIES OF OKELEKE, ANENE, & THE ENTIRE ISSELE-UKU COMMUNITY, HOUSTON TEXAS regret to announce the passing to glory of our dear Son, Brother, Husband, Brother-In-Law, Uncle and friend, the amiable Mr. AUSTIN GABRIEL ISIOMA OKELEKE who joined the Saints Triumphant on Friday January 23rd,...

Welcome to Issele – Uku

nkadi azuhI wish to welcome you to our website and thank you for taking time out to access information on our website. This organization is comprised of persons who are sons, daughters, wives and individuals born in Issele-Uku, Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria, who presently reside in North America (United States and Canada). Persons either of whose parents or grandparents can trace their origins to Issele-Uku are also eligible for membership if they are interested.

The Association was formally launched in June 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia and we have had conventions in Houston, Texas, Austin Texas, Atlanta Georgia and this year we will be having our convention in Maryland. We currently have chapters in Atlanta Georgia, Houston Texas, Austin Texas, DC metro Area, New England and Members at Large.

We really appreciate your visiting our website.



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  1. Why African Airlines are Bankrupt

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    Dear Mr. Eke, I wish you a speedy recovery. At the same time, you ‘re entitled to your opinion that is the essence of democracy. There will be people who will agree with you and many who would ask what planet you just arrived from. I can see why your opinion...
  2. President’s Welcome Address to the 2009 Convention

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    Honorable chairman, distinguished members of the high chair, members of the Issele-Uku Association of North America, all our special guests from around the United States and especially from the great city of Austin, Texas, ladies and gentlemen: On behalf of the Issele-Uku Association of North America, I welcome you all...
  3. The Child of Destiny – Bringing Hope to the Nation

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    Rev. Fr. Mario David Dibie, a catholic priest and missionary based at Issele-Uku is rapidly changing the lives of Nigerians everywhere and bringing hope to the poor; the destitute and the spiritually challenged. Fr. Mario David Dibie is the director Emmaus School of Evangelization and also the Director of Retreats,...